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柠檬烧杯—柠檬泡泡洁面啫喱 [点击这里 ]

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

油脂分泌旺盛?满面油光?肌肤遇到痘痘、粉刺、黑头、闭口后,毛孔会被撑大,这时候,疏通毛囊油垢就非常重要啦!柠檬洁面,有效赶走毛孔内的粉尘颗粒、油垢及代谢物, 深层清洁毛孔,给自己做个肌肤排毒吧!使肌肤白皙清透。


Does your skin feel tired and dull? Start every morning with our refreshing daily face wash, formulated with a hint of Lemon Peel Essential Oil and Bergamot Fruit Oil for brighter and more radiant skin.

Made with High-Quality Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is a rejuvenating essential oil extracted from lemon peel. It is rich in Vitamin C and contains incredible cleansing and brightening properties.

- Premium botanical formula

- Deep-cleans pores

- Removes dead skin cells

- Brightens dull skin tone

Use: Pump a small amount into your hands and massage the product onto your face in a circular motion. Avoid the eye area.

Our commitment

Lemon & Beaker is relentless in our pursuit of perfection. We use superior essential oils and botanical ingredients in our skincare formulas, which gives our products a rich and natural aroma, colour and texture.

Our entire skincare range is developed in Auckland and produced in New Zealand. All our ingredients are sourced from this beautiful land we call ‘home’.

Lemon & Beaker is committed to making natural skincare products, using real ingredients from fruits, plants and botanicals. We do not use artificial ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, perfume and colouring. All fragrances and colours are naturally derived.

And while we love the benefits of nature, we also love and care for nature itself. All our products are cruelty-free and vegan. We do not test on animals. Our beautiful bottles are made from eco-friendly glassware with minimal plastic packaging, and we highly encourage recycling.

For best results from natural skincare, choose a beautiful blend of science and nature.

Made in New Zealand

Cruelty-free Vegan

Natural skincare


Essential oil

Recyclable Packaging